Friday, May 6, 2011

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Iurisnautic provisional leader of Spain Cup J80

With a good wind conditions were held today the first three races of the Cup of Spain in Palma de Mallorca J80. Wind between 100 º and 120 º 13 to 18 knots with some typical chop the bay. Finally have been 28 ships of the 32 enrolled, who have taken out the day Friday.

The first test of wind over 15 knots was very close on the first beat. Two boats were highlighted at the finish to windward, the Hotel Princesa Yaiza Rayco Tabares and Fortyfive "A fly in my soup Ricardo Terrades. In the first downwind Rayco took the right side of the course and lost several positions, Ricardo and his team highlighted the left and set up first leeward. In the second beat the fight lived among Fortyfive "A fly in my soup and Iurisnautic Carlos Espinosa, who reached the windward side was placed first and held the position until the finish, followed by just two lengths by Fortyfive" A fly in my soup. The Hotel Princesa Yaiza-Cicar finished fourth.

output Good Hotel Princesa Yaiza-Cicar

The second test was made with more wind and the fleet sailed very compact with continuous crossings and changes of position. Those who were left went for winners, and there were Mapfre and Nextel. The fight from there was between them, taking the race of the Nextel Nacho Way. Mapfre second, third Iurisnautic, Hotel Princesa Yaiza fourth-and fifth Cicar Fortyfive-a fly in my soup.

For the third test was to reposition the field because the wind shifted somewhat. This race was the craziest day, with large rolled 20 or 30 degrees, and pressure changes. Much as the ball rolled positions, and finally a win for Hugo Turismo do Algarve Rocha, followed by Gunter and Mapfre. This test was worse for the representatives of Lanzarote Hotel Princesa Yaiza making-Cicar by 13 º and Fortyfive-a fly in my soup by 17 º.

Lanzarote crews have had a very good job on the first day, being in general both in the top five. Hotel Princesa Yaiza-Cicar Fortyfive third and a fly in my soup fifth. Rayco said at the end of the day that the ship lacks some speed and has not taken the point, which greatly affects tactical and usually go along with a decision of the fastest. The Fortyfive-a fly in my soup if he has shown good speed today.

are scheduled for tomorrow other three tests, although the part is quite complicated with strong winds and lazy afternoon from midday, with clouds and change direction.

1 - Irusnautic - Carlos Espinosa - CM Palma
2 - Mapfre - Carlos Martinez - Santiago de la Ribera RCR
3 - Hotel Princesa Yaiza - Rayco Tabares - RCN Reef
4 - Forty Five a fly in the ointment - Ricardo Terrades - RCN Reef
5 - Opera Season - Thomas Bscher - RCN Palma

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Photos: Nico Martinez-Cup Spain 2011


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